Tips and tricks

How to use Tab key to move between macOS controls

By default, you cannot move between macOS control using Tab key. You can change it after some steps: Open System[…]

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Loading Web Fonts with the Web Font Loader in Nuxt.JS

Several years ago the consensus on font loading in the community was that, as a website loads, all fonts should[…]

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Symfony Test

How to remove “Remaining deprecation notices” while running Symfony test cases

Sometime, when you run some Symfony tests, there is a lot of deprecation warning like this: Solution: Just add below[…]

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IntelliJ IDEA Logo

Generate JPA Entity Script

I am using IntelliJ IDEA to write Java code. It has built in script to generate POJOs class, but I[…]

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Note for awk command on Mac

Today, I cleaned up redundant Docker images. I used this command line: docker rmi $(docker images | grep “^<none>” |[…]

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How to disable “Seen” in Facebook Messenger by using AdBlock Plus

Go to AdBlock Plus Options page and add this url$xmlhttprequest to the extension’s custom filters.

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Elastic Search

Limit elasticsearch official docker container memory

Pull Elasticseach official docker image: docker pull Run new container with parameter -e “ES_JAVA_OPTS=-Xms256m -Xmx1g”: docker run -d \[…]

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Cannot “Move to trash” in Ubuntu

Reason: There is no folder named .Trash-{UID}, or application doesn’t have permission to read and write file in that folder.[…]

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How to fix Ubuntu wallpaper was not changed

How to fix Ubuntu wallpaper was not changed? Run this command to fix: gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.background active true Hope this[…]

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JQuery Logo

JQuery tips for HTML select

I am working on the next version of Bible for WordPress plugin, and I learned some tips while playing with[…]

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Spring Framework Logo

How to send multipart file using Spring RestTemplate

This is an example for sending multipart file using Spring RestTemplate:

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How to do when Oracle Vendor Code 28001

Open SQL Developer and perform the following steps: Right click on Connections > New Connection. Connection Name: sys Username: sys[…]

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