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How to solve ‘ReferenceError: window is not defined’ when importing Vue plugin in Nuxt.JS

I need to use Vue plugin named vue-flash-message in Nuxt.JS. I installed it via NPM and created file vue-flash-message.js in folder plugins. import Vue from ‘vue’;import VueFlashMessage from...

NodeJS 0

Fix error when install npm package as global package

Today, I will guide you to fix error when install npm package as global package. I ran below command to install npm package as global package...

Python 3 0

Keep database connection on connecting to MySQL/MariaDB using SQLAlchemy

You want the database connection will be keep on connect to MySQL/MariaDB, just use pool_recycle parameter in method create_engine(). Example: create_engine(db_url, pool_recycle=1) pool_recycle this setting causes...

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